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A subsidiary of Türkiye İş Bankası.


Why Factoring?

Liquid Balance Sheet

The companies converting their short term receivables into cash through factoring may benefit from a more liquid balance sheet. They will also save on operational costs, labor force, time and resources since factoring company undertakes the following up, collection and management of the receivables. Thus, they will find the opportunity to create more time and resources for their main activity subjects.

Creating funds with internal resources

Especially small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) could procure funds by turning their own internal resources (their receivables) into cash without the need to resort to external resources. Increasing their competitive advantage, the companies could increase their market shares as well as creating a regular and effective cash flow.

Discount advantage by cash purchase

Medium scale enterprises could easily cash the sales they usually make through credit account to the large companies, Thus, they benefit from discounts by purchasing in cash from the suppliers.

Competitive power in foreign markets

Export companies could increase their market shares in the international markets without taking any risks by making use of the guarantee service.

Guaranteed receivables

Companies which are obliged to make cash against goods export as a result of competitive environment and increasing demands of the international companies could guarantee their receivables through factoring and they also gain the advantage of cashing these receivables by making use of the financing service. Factoring is a commonly preferred product internationally since no extra cost is created for the importer.

Easy solution in exporting and importing

Disputes that could arise between the importer and the exporter could be resolved in an easier way by the help of the correspondent factor.

Tax advantage in export and import transactions

In the export factoring transactions, the sellers are exempted from all kinds of taxes. In addition, import companies benefit from all the advantages of cash import through factoring transactions.

Why İş Faktoring?

  • The reliability and corporate culture originating from being a company of Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş. group
  • More than 20 years of experience in factoring sector
  • Strong financial structure and expert staff
  • Experience in rapidly completing the transactions
  • Extensive service network

İş Faktoring A.Ş. bond issue is approved by the Capital Market Boards

İş Faktoring application for the issue of dept instruments up to 440.000.000 Turkish Lira, is approved by the Capital Market Boards (CMB) with the reference of declaration dated 01.06.2016 and no :18/602.

  • 01.06.2016

Policy for the Prevention of Laundering of Criminal Proceeds and Terrorism Financing

You Can See İş Faktoring's Policy For The Prevention of Laundering of Criminal Proceeds and Terrorism Financing on the “About Us” section .

  • 20.11.2015

"Standard of Excellence" award to our web site...

Our web site, continues to draw attention with its unusual and dynamic style. Our site has been awarded with the "Standard of Excellence" award in "Financial Services" category by Web Marketing Association. Web Marketing Association is an organization which analyses 96 different sector websites by an independent jury, since 1997.

  • 31.10.2014

First Bond Issue of İş Faktoring Successfully Completed

İş Yatırım has successfully completed issuing bonds for İş Faktoring which has got approval from Capital Markets Board (CMB) to issue debt instrument in the month of June. Bonds of 100 million TL were issued for İş Faktoring based on 90 points which constitutes the base of Yearly Additional Rate of Return and issued bonds have seen a huge demand. İş Faktoring became the company which could contract debt over the lowest yearly additional rate of return compared to other 179 days termed bond issues within the sector.

  • 09.07.2014